"Pure Mountains' network of trails in the Sierra Nevada is second to none and you'll have the awesome trails all to yourself" - Mountain Bike Rider magazine

..an encyclopedic knowledge of the best routes and places to stop.” - The Guardian

"The trails around Pure Mountains are incredible." - Privateer magazine

Riding and Guiding

We offer trips from March through to December, as set out in the Schedule.

The riding is a mix of the best of trail, enduro and backcountry adventure. This 2013 short film gives a good flavour. The bikes look a bit dated, but the trails don't! Move your cursor around this 360º video to get a feel of one our easier, fast and flowy trails. 

Our holidays are designed for enthusiastic, experienced mountain bikers who are looking to tackle challenging climbs and demanding descents on the raw trails of the Sierra Nevada. It's still a wilderness, is almost deserted and is a mountain biker's paradise. The terrain includes plenty of singletrack, from the fast and flowing to the steep and rocky. We tend to gain height on gravel roads and descend on trails.

The routes will vary, depending on the make-up of the group, the weather and the time of year. We have a huge range of altitude to choose from, from 2200 metre mountain tops to 700 metre valley floors. You'll pass through a variety of micro-climates on the way.

We cycle from the front door (at 1650 metres) straight onto the trails. We usually finish the day much lower and provide a transfer back up the mountain. Keen climbers usually have the option to ride this, though the lure of cake and beer seems to be stronger.

Riding days run from 10.00 to around 16.00. As you’re centre-based, unlike a point to point bike trip, you’re not under time pressure to get to the next place. The average day is about 30km in length, with 800m of climbing and 1700m of descending.

The Land Rover provides refreshments, picnic lunch, gear portage, technical back-up and a lift home at the end of the day. On some long climbs, a Land Rover uplift option is available, though not often taken!

Our guides hold mountain first aid certificates and are professionally qualified (see biographies). Two guides accompany each group and they tailor the rides to the experience and fitness level of each group, which is a maximum of eight, or occasionally ten, riders.

We are used to accommodating riders with a range of experience on our trips. We can split the group for some sections, if necessary. Please do contact us if you’re concerned about the suitability of our trips for you.